Amaro Montenegro launches a road safety campaign in collaboration with Ducati Corse

Amaro Montenegro, Italy’s leading premium amaro liqueur, launches a Don’t Drink and Ride campaign along with the racing department of the Bologna motorcycle manufacturer Ducati Corse.

As the ‘Team Spirit Partner’ of the iconic Italian motorcycle brand, Amaro Montenegro emphasises the human factor at the base of every successful team that helps to create bonds that are strengthened in victories and difficulties. The partnership between the two Bolognese brands is based on the bond that is created in a team, the importance of small details and the shared moments that transform a group of people into a close-knit and winning team. Team spirit, respect and commitment to excel in what you do are the driving values behind this partnership. 

Ducati Corse will be alongside Amaro Montenegro in supporting the launch of their “Don’t Drink and Ride” campaign which puts the spotlight on the increasing importance of road safety, raising awareness of the conscious use of alcoholic beverages.

Three video clips are at the centre of the campaign: ‘The Breakup’, ‘The Picture’, ‘The Nightmare’ which ironically present three different scenarios that recall the strong bond that exists between a motorcyclist and his bike. The goal is to encourage you to take the safest route, even if you must leave your beloved bike parked, enjoying an evening with friends and teammates in complete freedom.

To accompany the three video clips, a hero film which emphasises the quiet moments in between races, the unique bond built during down-time at the bar enjoying a Monte & Tonic (Amaro Montenegro & Tonic Water) with teammates and friends.

On the campaign Marco Ferrari, CEO of Gruppo Montenegro, says ‘It is a privilege to partner with Ducati Corse on such an important campaign. We strongly believe it will bring to life a shared passion for bringing people together. We are ambassadors of the team spirit, the human connection that always makes a difference, in sport and in life. As a spirit brand, it was imperative to be vocal about responsible drinking and we wanted to send a clear message in a compelling and engaging way. We feel our ‘Don’t Drink and Ride’ campaign is the perfect response to it. Leaving your bike at home to enjoy a good time with friends really is the only option.’

“Safety is one of the essential values for Ducati and we have a strong and constant commitment to guaranteeing ever higher standards on the track but also in all the bikes we offer to our customers,” said Luigi Dall’Igna, Ducati Corse General Manager. “Supporting Amaro Montenegro, our partner in MotoGP, by encouraging a responsible attitude to riding thanks to the “Don’t Drink and Ride” campaign is fully part of our social responsibility objectives. It is a serious message and a key concept for Ducati to sensitize the motorcycle universe and our community of enthusiasts to a conscious and off-road use of alcohol.”

Amaro Montenegro and Ducati Corse invite you to drink responsibly #DONTDRINKANDRIDE

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