Hi-Spirits launch Jung & Wulff – limited-edition, luxury rums

Hi-Spirits, one of the UK’s leading spirit distributors, announces the launch of Jung & Wulff, a range of limited-edition, luxury rums, sourced from around the globe. 2021 sees three Jung & Wulff variants launch in the UK in the form of Trinidad No. 1, Guyana No. 2 and Barbados No. 3 rum.

The name Jung & Wulff is a reference to L.E Jung and Frederick Wulff, legendary pioneers of the spirits industry. Early visionaries, Jung and Wulff were committed to importing the best tasting spirits from around the world into New Orleans. As past owners of The Sazerac House and Peychaud’s Bitters, they are an integral part of spirits history in New Orleans, and their spirits were staples in the cafés and bars of New Orleans.

The range of rums, all bottled at 43% ABV, are masterfully blended by Sazerac’s Master Blender Drew Mayville from carefully selected rums from each country. The blends are a mix of pot and column distilled rums, and each one is the product of numerous environmental, production and ageing variables. The vibrant labels depict colourful scenes synonymous with the rum’s country of origin. Each rum has been rated 5/5 by ‘America’s foremost spirits authority,’ Paul Pacult.

Trinidad No. 1

Blending molasses-based rums ranging up to 15 years old, Trinidad No. 1 benefits from ageing in the country’s lush, tropical climate. This medium-bodied, silky rum gives the impression of moderate age and medium oakiness. Mid-palate the flavour turns deeply spicy alongside vegetal, earthy notes that give a seamless quality finish.

Guyana No. 2

Guyana No. 2 opens with a rich and creamy texture that develops into roasted, bittersweet flavours, leading to a smoky, grassy finish. Perfect for sipping. A blend of rums distilled from molasses and aged for up to 15 years primarily in Guyana, the beguiling flavour profile ensures a constantly evolving finish.

Barbados No. 3

A masterful blend of rums distilled from molasses and aged for up to 15 years primarily in the tropical climate of Barbados, this full bodied, buttery aged rum sings with dark chocolate, dried fruits and burnt sugar early on the palate. Bittersweet notes evolve to become creamy yet robust, this deeply cocoa-like and deliciously rich variant is a true expression of a Bajan rum.

“Jung & Wulff were early importers of rum, distributing to cafés and bars across New Orleans and beyond. These rums are a testament to them, for their ongoing quest to acquire and distribute fine spirits. I’m delighted to launch these rums as part of the Hi-Spirits UK portfolio. Strictly limited, our Jung & Wulff rums celebrate three influential places: Trinidad, Guyana and Barbados. I believe these rums are a true interpretation of each Island’s style and brilliantly showcases the different terroirs that are available throughout the Caribbean.”

Liam Sparks, Bond & Royal Portfolio Manager, Hi-Spirits

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