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Lite prosecco perfect for the health-conscious

In late 2020, 86 Magazine sat down with Katherine Jones, founder of ThinK Wines to discuss their organic, reduced calorie and vegan prosecco. Fast forward to 2021 and Katherine is set to feature in a new Amazon Prime reality show about implementing social change. Editor Comment

ThinK was born from one question; Why can’t we enjoy and celebrate the luxury of drinking wine and prosecco without feeling health-conscious?

From this moment, the journey to ThinK began. After years of research, travelling and determination, we managed to find a balance between sustainable and health conscious ways of producing prosecco/wine and still making it taste fantastic.

These days people are now, more than ever, conscious about their health, the planet and the animals we share it with. It is vital that we care for ourselves and our home in order for us to thrive. We think it is imperative to find alternative ways to not only treat your body to healthy and alternative options, but to also enjoy those options and not settle for anything less. Here at ThinK, we promise to always put the customers’ best interests at the forefront of our minds, and we hope to raise the bar for healthy drinking options.

Therefore, we proudly state that we have created vegan, organic, reduced calorie and sugar brut wines that have no compromise on taste, proving that healthier options can be exciting and luxurious.

Once the concept was finalised, it took years of travelling back and forth to Italy in order to find the best quality grapes. After 2 years, we found the perfect spot. In the heart of Treviso, North-East Italy, we work closely with a caring and dedicated family-run winery. Here, they tend and nurture our vineyards, making sure that they are honest and stick to our ethos: being 100% vegan and organic. The finest glera and pinot grigio grapes that we use are celebrated and used to their full potential.

In order to be deemed vegan and organic, we have gone above and beyond to make sure our product is exactly what it says on the label.

Therefore, we use organic and renewable energy to grow our vines. What makes our brand so unique is that whilst most Prosecco production involves animal-based filtering agents such as crustaceans or gelatine, we use protein extracted from green peas to ensure our product is completely vegan.

Our love of nature and the importance we think it upholds is embedded deeply within the process of our wines from start to finish. We vow that the reduced sugar, organic and vegan process does not compromise the taste of our wines, as we let the grapes shine through in every bottle.

We are proud of our company, product and ethos behind it all, and we can’t wait to continue to share our story with the world.

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