Regal Rogue Vermouth announce global move towards increased sustainability

Australian vermouth, Regal Rogue, announce a move towards increased sustainability across all aspects of the brand.In 2020 Regal Rogue launched a bespoke recycled bottle, inclusion of 100% organic Australian wine and creationof a 5 litre ‘bag in box’ to the Australian and European markets.

Created in 2011 by Mark Ward, Regal Rogue has been ‘turning Vermouth upside down since 2011’ bringing tothe market a sustainable everyday quaffing style of Vermouth. Regal Rogue blends 100% organic Australian winewith indigenous Australian botanicals, some of the oldest in the world, for the ultimate wine Aperitif. Availablein 4 varieties: Lively White, Daring Dry, Bold Red and Wild Rosé.

A Conscious Future of Vermouth

In March 2020, Regal Rogue launched its new 98% recycled packaging globally. Using recycled glass and paperbearing the Forest Stewardship Council stamp of approval, and removing the paper wrap from its core range.In addition on the new bottling, the brand saw a revision of its recipes to use 100% organic wine, using grapessourced from the award-winning organic winemaker Justin Jarrett of See Saw Wines. All his vines all sustainablygrown in Orange, New South Wales at the foot of the Blue Mountains, bordering the Hunter Valley.

Regal Rogue uses 17 organic botanicals and 3 native indigenous herbs, sourced from an Aboriginal communityensuring the revenue goes back to the farmers themselves. This allows them to use the highest quality base andbotanicals to each varietal of vermouth with minimal intervention or disruption to the grape, earth and local,native communities. Regal Rogue is inspired by the aboriginal philosophy; of having as little impact on theenvironment as possible.

Addressing the global movement towards increased sustainability and reduction in bottle waste in the on-trade,Regal Rogue has developed a 5 litre ‘bag in box’. Facilitating increased volume and batching efficiency which allowsthem to share cost savings with key on-premise partners. The boxes are 100% recyclable and offer competitivesavings and a healthy reduction in on premise waste. Launched in Australia in October, championed by leadingsustainably renowned bartender Matt Whiley, and in the UK and Europe in November 2020.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Regal Rogue and now through a shared vision, I’m excited to beable to be a part of the new 5 litre sustainable packaging launch.”

Matt Whiley, Scout London and RE Bar, Australia.

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