Ming River baijiu launches in the UK

Ming River baijiu launches in the UK today – the world’s first purely export-focused baijiu from the Sichuan province of China, distributed by Hi-Spirits.
What is baijiu? 

  • Baijiu is the world’s most popular category of spirit, consumed more than whiskey and vodka combined.
  • Baijiu (pronounced bye-j-yo) means ‘white spirits’ in Chinese
  • Typically distilled from fermented sorghum and ranges from 35-60% ABV.

Produced in China’s oldest operation distillery, Luzhou Laojiao, Ming River is an exceptional spirit, using sorghum grain that’s fermented with wild yeast in earthen pits. The mash is then batch distilled in traditional Chinese pot-stills and rested for 2-3 years. The master blender then balances the complex flavours to perfection.

Ming River baijiu is an intensely aromatic spirit, notable for an interplay between bright, tropical fruit and earthy, umami notes. Heavy on pineapple, spicy pink peppercorn with an earthy finish with an aroma of green apple peel and tropical fruits including papaya and guava. Appealing to lovers of complex white spirits including mezcal, rum, cachaça and shochu. It’s tropical notes lend it to Tiki-style cocktails including Mai Tais, Piña Coladas and Daiquiris.

The bottle is inspired by a traditional Chinese lantern referencing the rich history of the Ming Dynasty, after which the brand is named.
The food in Sichuan region tends to be bold and spicy, with lots of chilis, ginger and garlic, so it also perfectly complements these types of flavour-forward foods.

Ming River seeks to introduce baijiu to a new audience of cocktail-lovers, championing Chinese spirit education and engaging the international spirits community. Hi-Spirits will be focusing on demystifying the baijiu category and demonstrating the versatility of Ming River in the UK on-trade. Complete with a wide selection of premium serve glassware and bespoke point of sale to help engage the consumer further.

Ming River is distributed by Hi-Spirits, 45% abv, RRP: £32

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