Bongo’s Bingo’s co-founder launches new Social Distancing App

The co-founder of Bongo’s Bingo, Joshua Burke, is launching his brand-new venture in July and it’s called Glug. With co-founders Carl Whiteside and Lewis Allbones, the trio have been working on their project for 3 years, identifying several crucial ways to improve how customers engage with the vast and varied hospitality industry across the country. They also welcome David Gallimore to the team, who has helped to create large-scale marketing-tech platforms for many of the UK’s leading hospitality companies, SMEs and independents.

Glug is an innovative free app to order food and drink in advance, connect users with venues and plan social time with friends and family. As social distancing is gradually relaxed, in the coming weeks the hospitality industry will open its doors again and face new challenges in the new Covid-19 normal. Glug will help many businesses adapt successfully to these unprecedented changes.

“We have raised £250,000 of investment already,” Josh explains. “We are launching Glug to support the hospitality industry as bars, restaurants and pubs across the UK reopen. We work with many of them through Bongo’s Bingo and the wider hospitality circles we are all part of. And with David on board, we have got his many years of vital experience in this area too. Glug is something we all passionately believe in. We have seen what kind of works and what doesn’t, and believe Glug will be the definitive way forward. It will help businesses and their customers by linking them together, with the free app’s users able to engage in a whole host of innovative functions.  As an example, each year we waste on average 7 days waiting to be served – that’s a real frustration point for me personally and professionally!Glug will make waiting around a thing of the past and improve many other parts of this relationship. With reduced capacity due to social distancing, venues will want to maximise their revenue and how they engage with customers.”

Glug appears to be a great sollution for hospitality venue opperators reopening after the COVID-19 lockdown as it promises to reduce queues with quicker and more efficient service while allowing guests to view menus and order directly from their own devices. It also removes the need for staff interacting with customers for payment as this can also be handled in the app. Infact the only interaction is when staff actually deliver the customers order.

Better still the app is free for customers and operators alike, Glug is free to setup and there’s no monthly fee. With a low commision of 1.5% + 5p per sale (which goes down the more you use the system) we think its a winner!

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